Anonymous asked: Do you know much about the lmu site? For the last dance, they want us to wear the CTY shirts instead of formal, do people still dress formal? I feel like it isn't the same if it isn't formal :(

I went there for 4 years and just finished my nevermore year there this summer. I still went formal, many people do, its personal preference to be honest. 


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[ 112. Being judged by people from home for your drag day pictures and not caring in the least. ]

lotr lovin at nerd camp #cty #fellowshipoftheding


Leaving to head early to CTY tomorrow! so excited! #nevermore 

Anonymous asked: hi do you know of any instructions or tutorials on how to weave a lanyard? like how it is weaved in just-a-ctyer's side bar picture(just for reference)? thanks so much for your help, love your tumblr <33


^ This one might work, my friend has used it! And thanks <33 

found my passionfruit speech..oh god


  • to saying yolo for everything
  • to being bros on drag day
  • to swag walking
  • to the people in my class and hall
  • to eating late at night every night
  • to team brofest
  • to everyone i’ve met this year at CTY
  • to awkward hair moves while dancing
  • to this really awesome guy in my class
  • and finally to the 3 does

I love CTY, and I love the passionfruit.”

oh the nostalgia

ctyanonymous asked: asdfghjkl i get so happy when i see other cty blogs. you are faaab for making this! :D

Haven’t been on tumblr in a long time, thanks for this, love your blog!